Orlando Baby!

We had such a great little vacation in Orlando. The family needed to get out of Brasil to apply for their permanent visas, they also wanted to meet me somewhere so i didn't have to fly down there alone, and we ALL needed a little break. So Disneyland was the designated choice.

It was the first time Drew and I had seen them all since January..so pretty exciting. After getting into Orlando at about 11 o clock we waited until 3 to see them. (it was a struggle since i had pulled an all nighter the night before..my only explanation for such a stupid decision: it was finals week) It was a sweet reunion and the couple days we spent in Florida were awesome. I'll let the pictures do all the talking :)

*I think the reason my pictures are so blurry is because i had to copy them off of facebook. All the pictures on my computer mysteriously deleted (i guess thats what happens when your little siblings use your laptop more than you do) anyway i was too lazy to upload them from my camera again. sorry!


it's about time...

well the day i thought would never come is finally here:

the day i end my 2nd year at BYU (yep...and i still don't have a major)
the day i pack up all my stuff and move out of my favorite apt. (seriously. loved that place)
the day of my last final for the semester. boo ya
the day i say bye to my roommates for the whole summer
the day summer starts :)
the day i get to see my family
the day i head off to brazil...

yep..that day is here.

i have very mixed feelings about this whole thing. i obviously cannot wait to spend everyday with my family, go to the beach whenever i want too, and to not be going to school over the summer (for the first time in forever!) but being away from my best friends for four months is a very long time, not to mention i don't speak a lick of portugese, but i got through today's goodbyes-even though it was rough. and i'm excited for this new adventure :)

anyway i'm sorry for another boring post with no pictures (this won't become a habit) but i'm at a hotel in orlando on a ramdom computer-i had to do something to keep me up. it's 2 a.m. and i'm patiently waiting for the drew's phone to ring and my dad to tell us they are here.

one more hour. i can't even wait.


welp. i did it. it might have taken a pros and cons list. but... i have a blog.

I promised myself, too long ago to even remember, that I wouldn't create a blog until I was married, had a family and had something interesting to blog about. But...I already creep on the blogs of everyone I know, I am the worst at keeping a journal, I have a couple roommates who are avid bloggers (and love it), and it would be a good way to share with everyone what goes on down in Brazil...so I'm swallowing my pride...and here I am. This should be interesting...

Please keep in mind that this blog is still very much under construction...and I really have no clue what I am doing.