my new favorite posession:

photobooth just doesn't do my ring justice, that's why i wasn't planning on posting a picture. (broken camera)  but you would not believe how many people have gotten after me because i haven't yet, so here it is.

my sweet fiance got me exactly, [exactly] what i wanted. bless his heart. 

and here's another picture, not on photobooth, but still doesn't do it justice.

it's already been two weeks and i still can't stop glancing down at my left hand every five minutes. im sure you all remember how that goes?
well...i'm lovin it. :)


lovin the word fiancé

so the rumors are true. i've got a ring on my left finger. [and a gorgeous one at that]
we did things a little bit backward, i planned my wedding AND THEN got engaged.
and....i blame that on my parents living in brasil-it requires plans to be made 6 months in advance.

soo....with a date, and the wedding all planned...of course i knew the ring was coming. The designer had  told us that he could have my ring done in 10 days. and it'd had been 14 aaaaat least. i kept asking bri questions...being super annoying...but brian kept his little mouth shut.

SO.....of course i know something's going on when brian tells me he's planning our whole friday evening. i was excited...
but that quickly changed when he came home friday afternoon after class to  tell me that Renae had called him and left him a message (Renae is our ring designer)....it went something like this: 
"hey bri, it's friday at noon....im just calling to tell you we got your ring in today, but they did it all wrong..made it in yellow gold instead of white. so we won't have it back in for another week to ten days. sorry man."
well, my whole days was ruined.

but of course we stuck to the original plan. bri took me to dinner @ the first restaurant we went to when we were first dating, i think it was our second official date. and then we went to the park to play frisbee. (side note: bri and i played frisbee out on the grass right outside our complex with each other ALL the time--before we even started dating. we were just friends. we'd go out and play for hours...and just talk. about school, about life, about each other's love interests...etc etc. funny, i know. we also had our first kiss @ this park.) So...there we were playing frisbee....and i start singing a song. "whip my hair" if you have never heard it look it up, its obnoxious..and quite catchy. but brian thought this particular song was a bad song to "play frisbee too." me: "um....okay." so he whips out his iphone and puts on my favorite song of all time. called "favorite girl." so both of us are just throwing the frisbee....singing along...i suspect nothing. 

well then the song ends...and bri keeps singing...which isn't unusual...i still suspect nothing. until he starts walking towards me and when i throw the frisbee to him he lets it drop to the ground. "UM....what are you doing???" well he was still singing ....."don't you know she is my favorite girl..i wanna run away for days with her..and if you promise not to say a thing....i'm going to buy that girl a diamond ring...." and there it is, he pulls the most beautiful ring i've ever seen out of his pocket. he then got on his knees...said  some pretty amazing things about me and asked me to marry him.
 and of course, i said yes. :)

i can't wait to be this boys wife. :)
on JULY 1st.


feelin proud

today was the last home byu basketball game of the season. it was awesome. not only was it byu's last game, but it was jimmer's last [home] game. ever. talk about bittersweet.  i love basketball, but mostly i love byu basketball. being part of that huge mass of people all cheering for the same thing feels good. i was so  proud to be a cougar today.  here's a little video of one of my favorite parts of the game.

awesome right??
i'm top right, in the white shirt...

also, as of last night i'm an engaged girl. 
story and pictures to come. :)