if you need a good laugh....

seriously, it takes a pretty good youtube video to crack me up.
i've seen this a million times, and every time it's funnier than the time before.

i was feeling very confident that i am nothing like this--but my friend quickly informed me we all are. great.


the jimmer

oh the joys of winter semester @ byu. but, being completely honest there is no joy at all. don't get me wrong, i love byu, and i don't even mind the winter THAT much, but this semester is rough. fall semester goes much more smoothly. it's warm and the leaves are changing color-which makes for perfect running weather, you've just had a four month break from school so you're almost excited to start again, and then not only is there thanksgiving break and christmas break to look forward t0o, but there is halloween, my birthday, byu football games etc.
winter semester goes more like this: 10 degree mornings, more school (after just finishing a semester), no spring break--yeah pretty sure that should be illegal. and no other breaks to look forward to at all, the snow doesn't leave completely until about april, but it doesn't snow enough to keep it pretty and white. it's more like left over hard snow in random patches which means ugliness.
but we have found a bit of sunshine in our gloomy provo bubble this time of year. and it's called byu basketball. namely jimmer fredette. he's nothing new, but for some reason this year byu fans are much more excited about him.(i've been a number one fan for three years) but it's his senior year, and he puts on a show every. single. game. without fail. we are loving him.
well there's been some jimmer drama lately. a girl wrote to the daily universe (our school paper) and complained about hearing jimmer's name all over the place. she's sick of hearing it. saying that we shouldn't be "worshipping" or "idolizing" jimmer. i for one, was offended. as well as the rest of byu's student body/ all of provo/and every jimmer fan (which goes much further than byu and provo) needless to say this girl hasn't and probably never will hear the end of it. poor thing. here are just a few of the great things that have been posted on her wall/all over facebook. (everyone's talking about jimmer...it's awesome)
i guess you didn't hear the news, edward dumped bella for jimmer.
i enjoy me some fredette for breakfast lunch and jimmer.
someone wrote: "do i get something for being the 100th comment??" reply: "you get a small golden jimmer statue."
the BYu basketball team was walking down the beach, they turned around and only saw one set of footprints.
jimmer can speak french-in russian.
jimmer never said it would be easy, he only said it would be worth it.
the only way you're stopping Jimmer...is when the game ends.
why did jimmer cross the road? because he got tired of crossing over tre'von.
while playin scrabble if you happen to spell the word jimmer you automatically win, forever.
who would win a fight between the hulk, and superman? jimmer
jimmers hand is the only one that can beat a royal flush.
jimmer is not addicted to cocaine, cocaine is addicted to jimmer.
WWJD--what would jimmer do?
jimmer can kill 2 stones, with one bird.
everytime a bell rings, jimmer hits another three.
jimmer once lapped someone..in a 50 yard dash.
president monson wears jimmer pajamas to bed.
if you want to read the whole facebook thread: http://dreamcatchermedia.com/jimmered
and here is the drama on espen: http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/22753/jimmer-mania-gives-us-epic-facebook-thread
"You ever watched basketball with a smile?” Gary Parrish writes at CBS Sports. “That’s what Fredette does to you – unless, of course, he happens to be dropping ridiculous shots on your favorite team.”
"the only way to stop jimmer in practice is to foul him, because we don't call fouls." -dave rose
definition of jimmer on wikipedia: a jimmer: someone who is in range, as soon as they step off the bus.
on a poster @ a bball game: jimmer will you marry my sister? the next week the same guy was holding the same poster, but he had writtten something new on the back: "forget about my sister!! will you marry me??"
well, there you have it. funny stuff right? like i said, everyone is going crazy. like me for example, i have three tests to study for, but instead i keep going to that facebook thread and laughing hysterically. if the poor girl thought people were talking about jimmer before, she must be going crazy now, it's definitely the hot topic of conversation. and im loving it.
and then there's this. everyone needs to watch this video: