some recent happenings..

well. here i am. back to the crazy country of brasil for a couple of weeks. i love being with my family, especially since Drew has joined us. we haven't all lived together since, well since before trae moved out. it's an experience, that's for sure. we kind of all forgot how to jive with each other [and doesn't a tiny apartment full of 10 people just speaks for itself?] but we are slowly learning. and we do have fun being all together. sometimes a little too much. as much as i love it here, i am ready to be home. ready to be with my friends. and ready to get back into the school thing. (i know...crazy right? ask me that again after i've been in school for 2 days.) but as ready as i am i know that once i'm home i'll be missing my family like crazy, so i'm trying to enjoy the short time i have left with them.

just a couple of things that have happened since i've been back:

we had the opportunity to go clean out some houses that are completely FULL of mud because of all the rain recife got. (i'll admit i didn't want to go, but am very glad i did.) it was sad to see so many people homeless because their houses and streets are completely full of mud. (we worked for six hours and between about ten of us we only completed about 2 and a half houses) it also made me very grateful to live in America, with proper drainage systems. I was really impressed, of course, with how organized the church is. they see a problem and immediately go in and do what they can to help solve it. it was pretty amazing to see. worth the blisters, sunburn, and muddy clothes. :)

we've had some fun adventures as of late. the reason? visitors. Skye and Fletch came and stayed with us for a couple of days. so we showed them around. these are pictures of us in natal. (my new favorite place in brasil) it was absolutely beautiful.

what else has been going on? this. it probably happens a little too much-not the trae sleeping on me part, that only happens once in a while:) i read 24/7. my average is about 3 books a week. (ugh...and i've run out....with a week left to go) what can i say? summertime is the only time i have to read since during the school year i just feel guilty if i'm not reading my textbook. i've loved it to say the least.

i sure hope everyone's having a pretty great summer. :)


26.2 miles.

i did it.
i just signed up for the top of utah marathon.
september 18 will probably come way too soon.
oh well......im comminted for real now.