dedicated. determined. disciplined.

can't you tell? we both had one last final to take today, this would be us studying hard...

story of my semester. i maybe should have spent a little less time with this boy, and a little more time with my books.

oh well, hopefully my dad understands. :) and....[i'm finished.]

brasil...here i come! :)


the middle of december

you've got to love this time of year...

million pages of notes. four tests. three three page papers. two weeks away from my family. and one cleaning check.

.......and that's what's been on my mind.

im about sick of getting emails from my classmates that have been "sick" since november 3rd and so they don't have the last month worth of notes. seriously???? if you're going to lie, at least make it believable. but today i got a pretty funny one:
[A few weeks ago, a meteor crashed into my apartment and blew up my computer with all my notes! Could someone send a poor soul the notes from class?]
i sent that guy all the notes i had.

but despite finals and everything else...i'm loving the christmas caroling, wearing cute scarves, hot chocolate everyday, the thought of a 2 week break from school, perfect running weather, plenty of basketball, the warm fireplaces, jamming out to christmas music, the family i nanny's nine foot christmas tree, and lots and lots of treats. :)

......you've got to love this time of year.

me and a few of my bests checkin out the lights @ temple square. :)
**bad picture i know, it came from my phone.