feelin good.

i ran 20 miles this morning.

wooo hooo. (yep..that's me tooting my own horn.)

it was my 2nd 20 miler and it felt just as good as the first. (surprisingly)

i think i'm ready to run 26 in 3 weeks. maybe.....


it's time...

the last scripture study @ the jones home went something like this:
trae reads a verse in portuguese. melissa in english. davis reads a verse in portuguese. mal in english. drew in portuguese-with a spanish accent. macey in english. etc. (you get the idea)

so THEN yesterday we had a fun conversation @ the dinner table.
drew: "okay..i want to issue a new family goal. from now on lets start speaking to each other 100% in portuguese @ home."

okay...that's my cue...time for me to head out.

at least they were nice enough to wait until it was time for me to leave to make this drastic change. and the good news is i've already accepted the fact that i'll be the only one in my family not speaking the language the next time we are all together. but i'm confidant that they'll still love me...

so..i'm leaving tomorrow. it's definitely going to be bitter/sweet. but i'm ready. mostly i'm ready for: a warm shower every morning. a comfortable bed. my cell phone. driving on normal roads. being able to have a simple conversations with whoever i want (seriously..i even miss small talk with random strangers.) my friends. idaho. my car. walking out of church and feeling like a got something out of it. and a big glass of milk..whenever i want.

don't get me wrong. i've loved being down here. but there sure is no place like home. :)