working hard..or hardly working?

this is just a regular day at work for my dad. pretty awesome right??

okay..so that's not entirely true. or true at all. he works very hard...at an actual working space..however it's in our apt. my dad and Trae still don't have their own office...they have a nice little setup in our family room....but sometimes (like when they need some peace and quiet for a conference call..and we're in the middle of lunch)...they have to improvise a little bit. we thought the way he improvised today was particularly creative...he's a smart guy.

but the good news of the day is that this little girl said my name......yep...."MESHEE" is what i hear when she's walking around trying to find me...it's the cutest thing.


the place i now call home..

well....here i am...living the dream in Recife, Brasil. seriously...

things i'm loving about this place:
the fruit. i eat pineapple for breakfast lunch AND dinner sometimes. amazing.
the ocean. right out my back door.
the rain. rain in the wintertime instead of snow is much better.
church. i can't understand a word. but just like at home it's a much needed start to my week.
the people. its crazy how i can love these people so much when i can't even speak to them?? go figure.
being with my family...all day everyday.
no school=the bomb.
beans and rice. i could eat them for every meal...not kidding.
walks/runs on the beach..
having an ongoing slumber party with morgan, malorie, and davis. (our rooms are connected).
the Recife Temple.

things i don't love so much:
crazy honking brasilian drivers.
men in speedos.
the lizard that lives in my room.
not understanding portuguese.
getting stared at..blonde hair..blue eyes..brasil=bad combination.
it's hot. (i know i shouldn't be complaining..it's still snowing in idaho).
that i live 4000ish miles away from my friends. thank goodness for skype.
how you are expected to be a soccer player..and be good at it.
i live in a huge city. i'm very much an idaho girl.
it gets dark at 5:30 here...i'm used to summer nights that last until ten.

all in all it has been awesome being here....i think i have it the best out of my family....i get to stay here long enough to have the "brasilian experience", but it's short enough that it's just like an extended vacation. and i'm looking forward to the rest of it...