i am officially burnt out.

tired of 7am workdays.
tired of cold weather & wearing sweatshirts and jeans.
tired of not sleeping well.
tired of treadmills.
{and} i really don't think i can do one more wedding to-do list.

but, things i'm thankful for today?

having a fiance to do the hard things. [heath insurance, car insurance...etc]
that my family will be here in {one month}
naps that go for as long as you want.
the best big brother in brasil that does favors for me.
a fiance that makes me laugh when i'm feeling like this.

 yeah..he's funny.

and cute.


just a peek...

we got our engagement pictures back today...

and are in love with them. to say the least.

it's tough to compete with my dear fiance.
 [who looks like a model in every picture. no..but seriously]
hey, i'm not complaining. :)

i'm not planning on posting any on facebook before i send out invites.
[what a surprise ruiner.]
in fact, i'm sure i'll never post them.
so you'll have to come to {the reception} to see the rest. :)

photographer: michelle kemp.
she's amazing! :)


this is the life

my much needed girls trip to jacksonville florida.


four best friends.

5 am mornings&travel pillows.

a visit to peach tree city georgia. 

 golf cart rides

beautiful running trails.

a cute beach house.

on a beautiful beach.

one overcast day.

swimming suits....

and sun glasses...all day. every day.

four girls in a king size bed. 

cool places to visit. [st. augustine]

lots of car time.

and car pictures.

delicious food.

 girls nights out.

and curly, frizzy hair.....

for a week straight. :)

as you can see i had the time of my life. trying to soak up my last couple weeks as a single lady. [not that i need any more single lady time....six more weeks is way too much]

but it did remind me [once again] that i have the best friends in the world. 


lots of orange.

i'm feeling very antisocial. {which is unlike me} we just had an opening social for our new ward. (brian and i are staying where we have lived all year just until we get married) [but] it's hard to be social when you're engaged. i don't want to take the time to try to get to know/make new girlfriends. because lets be honest, when would i ever hang out with them? and i don't like talking to the boys-because well, when you're a college student, every conversation includes lots of flirting/checking each other out..and is eventually leading to.... could i date/marry this person? no joke.
so instead i stick to brian's side-so that all the cute new girls in the ward know he's taken, and so that the boys stay away. and when he's not around i flash my perty ring as much as possible.
 and believe me, the boys DO stay away.

so i'm kind of a loser. but oh well. it'll be worth it.

and now for some pictures.

saturday brian and i did a walk for ms. [multiple sclerosis] it was such an awesome experience to see so many people come together for one cause. (and to see so many family members) my cousin abram put together a team (our team had about 40 people) we all had matching bright orange shirts and walked three miles together in downtown salt lake, with thousands of other people. it was really cool. 

this picture below is of one of my {favorite} uncles. he did this awesome pose for me at the walk.
also, i have a funny story to tell about him. 

so i called him on friday and asked him if he'd left for salt lake yet. (i needed him to bring some of my bridesmaid dresses down-that had been shipped to my house) he agreed but then wondered how we were going to meet up. 
me: you can just give them to me at the walk on saturday.
him: okay.......wait, aren't you in FLORIDA?
me: no, i'm not leaving until next week... how did you know i was going to florida?
uncle chad: well, i was reading your blog the other day, and it said you were in florida. 

whoa whoa whoa. uncle chad?? reading my blog???? haha. how funny is that!? 
i'm guessing his wife or daughter was doing some blog reading and he read over their shoulder.
 or something like that. 

moral of the story: you never know who's reading your blog. :)

one more thing. i'll be here in approximately 3 days. woohooo!