new year resolutions.and a very missed twin brother.

"we can't become who we need to be by remaining who we are." this is one of my favorite quotes. of all time. especially when january rolls around.....my new years resolution list was about a million years long this year. i seriously look at it and just get overwhelmed. then i compared it to my last years goals. guess what? almost every one that was on there last year was on there this year....guess that means i conquered none of them. oh well.....another year...another chance to get it right i guess.

i did hear something the other day that helps me with my new goals and well frankly my everyday to-do lists. [they've become a lot longer this semester thanks to my lovely school schedule] when im overwhelmed at the beginning of the day with all of the things i have to do (and all of the new habits/things that i want to try to do) i just remember that all i HAVE to do today, is get through today. simple as that, don't think about how AFTER i do all of these things today i'll still have to do them tomorrow....or even next week. just only think about today. for some reason that helps.

now onto the more important things that january has brought this year:

he's home.

and so are they:

my family is home for a couple of weeks. i love having them here. matt spoke in church sunday and so i spent a weekend in idaho. it was great being in [my home] with [my family], almost like they never left.

the family also met the boy when they got here. i'll admit i was a little nervous, but now i don't even know why. pretty sure they like him more than they like me. (okay, not true) but he won over everyone's hearts with no problem. and fits in pretty nicely. can't say i'm surprised.

this is just for fun. the day we dropped him off, and the day we picked him up. we look pretty goofy in the first picture. but for the most part we're just the same. and he's just the same. and i am LOVIN having him around.