back in action.

i've missed the blogging world the past couple weeks. oh don't you worry, i haven't missed any of your posts.....just missed posting my own. and writing about how much fun bri and i have been having.

there was the wedding day......the honeymoon.....family camping trip.....unpacking....figuring out {all} the financial things...bank accounts....insurance.....more unpacking....organizing....and ultimately trying to make my house look like a home. things have settled down a bit..(which is why we were finally able to get to the internet issue....) its been quite the three weeeks....but we've loved every second of it. :)

and this is just for fun. :)

more pictures to come. :)


  1. Macey and Brian I love your wedding picture of you guys I think you guys look so happy I hope you guys had a fun time on your honeymoon I hope you guys had fun camping with your family Love, Kristi Jones

  2. yeah, glad you're back at it and got all those married things out of the way. cant wait to see you and your cute house. guess now that you're married you've got to really keep up your blog...comes with the territory. love you!

  3. More pictures please! Becca said your wedding was amazing. It couldn't have happened to a better person.