i'm a nanny.

i spent last weekend with these adorable kiddos. 
a snuggly, giggly, adorable 2 year old. {nora}
a cute, sassy, hilarious 6 year old. {sara}
and a calm, clean, obedient 8 year old. {zane}

i spend a lot of time with these three. and don't know why i've never blogged about it...i wish i could remember all the funny things that they've said/done. but there are just too many. all i know is they sure have me wrapped around their little fingers.

posing in their sunday best.

try saying no to that face.
oh goodness. she makes me laugh.

zane. and fairy wings.
and now you know. they're cute.

a few things i learned...over the weekend:

1. babies. (or 2 year olds) sleep as little as they want. and wake up as early as they want.
2. lip gloss will make a six year old happy.
3. don't challenge the kiddos {or anybody} in mario kart. i get my trash whooped.
4. pack plenty of treats to church. (it's fine if the diaper bag is overflowing.)
5. don't ever skip the 2 year old's nap.
6. don't say you're going to do something if you don't really mean it. it doesn't work. they always remember..what you said.
7. warm weather makes this whole nanny thing a lot easier...
8. popsicles can solve anybody's problems.
9. i couldn't have done it without brian.
10. i'm not ready to have kids.

happy saturday! :)


  1. its a good thing kids usually come one at a time. but when they do come, you are gonna be an awesome mom. excited to see you today!

  2. haha. i agree with melissa. 1 is WAY easier than 3....and it is a lot more rewarding when it is your own : )The 2 year old is like a blond version of emma with that curly hair!
    i can't believe it is less than a week until you are married! see ya in a week to celebrate my bday...i mean your wedding ; )

  3. Keep that list in your pocket for the rest of your life, you have just written the 10 Truths of Motherhood. If you wrote a book you would be rich.

  4. Macey I love to read your blogs they are all so fun to read Love, Kristi

  5. Hey, LOVED your invitation and wish I could have come. i am sure you were a beautiful bride. Love you!