just a peek...

we got our engagement pictures back today...

and are in love with them. to say the least.

it's tough to compete with my dear fiance.
 [who looks like a model in every picture. no..but seriously]
hey, i'm not complaining. :)

i'm not planning on posting any on facebook before i send out invites.
[what a surprise ruiner.]
in fact, i'm sure i'll never post them.
so you'll have to come to {the reception} to see the rest. :)

photographer: michelle kemp.
she's amazing! :)


  1. love. every. single. picture. seriously you two are both models. glad its you having to pick a winner not me. they were amazing.

  2. k thanks for the peek and also thanks for not posting them everywhere so that we can be surprised! And Mace- you are gorgeous!!!

  3. I told you that you would love them. I'm so excited to see all of them. Is there any way that since I'm your best friend/cousin that I can have special privelages and see them before the reception?

  4. Macey!! Aah those two are both so amazing!

  5. SO gorgeous! i cant wait to see them all!!

  6. Macey I love the picture of you guys it looks so cute Love, Kristi Jones

  7. Did you steal Michelle from me?! Gasp!

    But yeah, I really liked her and your pics are gorgeous. I saw some others on her blog. I love the quilt one!

    Invite me.